Monday, 1 November 2010


I finally feel like I am making some progress with the knitting at the moment :) Finished the front of page after a little break and my shawl I am knitting is coming along nicely. I wasn't anticipating on knitting a shawl at the moment but my mam and dad are renewing their wedding vows for their 40th wedding anniversary in 20 days time and of course I could not find a thing to go over my dress.

There were lots and lots of lovely patterns suggested to me on Ravelry but in the end I stuck with something in a dk yarn which is quite simple and I am very pleased as it is working up a treat.

For the rest of the week the plan is to try and finish the shawl so I can block it and have it all ready for the day and hopefully continue with page and get it finished by the weekend :)

Watch out for some beady goodness coming soon, I have 2 fascinators to make so I will post pictures once I have finished them!!

Aims x

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