Sunday, 24 October 2010

This weekend I have been mostly...

...knitting! Well there's a surprise!

I am currently working on the gorgeous Page from the new Kim Hargreaves book 'Cherished' and oooh its beautiful and I love it lots and lots :) In the space of the day I have knit the whole back which isn't bad going considering that it is not just stocking stitch, it actually has an interesting pattern!

At the moment I just seem to be knitting things that require lots of stocking stitch so I am having a bit of 'death by stocking stitch' syndrome, I thought that this jacket would resolve that as would some lovely thick cabled socks!

Maybe I should also start to think about christmas presents? Too much knitting and too little time is what I find at the moment so I am kind of being a bit selfish and knitting things for me that I no longer want but 'need'! he he

Here is a little look at how Page is shaping up...

Aims x

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