Thursday, 12 June 2008

Etsy excitement...

Gooooood afternoon!

I have just set up an Etsy shop after much deliberation and obsession with the site. It is wonderful, it is the Ebay of the craft world and excites me too much into wanting to buy things I cannot afford or do not need!

If you look at the little widget on the left you can see some of the items for sale in my shop, they are listed in dollars as it is an American site but its ok as you can pay with paypal so its safe, easy and tah dah it converts the currency for you! I have tried the best I can to convert the prices from GBP to USD so that they would be the same price for people buying from the UK as if you bought them from me at a craft fair! Phew what a ramble...anyways check out Etsy, it rocks my socks off and while you're on there check out this cool lady... her stuff is amazing and she is very nice and friendly, she made me a pac man necklace and some mario star earrings...please look at her jewellery it is fun and makes me smile :oD

Keep checking out my etsy site at for more updated products. If you are local to me and know me please feel free to email me and you won't need to pay the delivery as I can give it to you in person or my mam can :o) Just let me know what you want and I will take it down from the site.

I also have no internet at the moment so I apologise for any delays in responding but I should have it in a week or so!

much love x

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