Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Today's creation!

Hello everyone,

This is what I made today...

It seems my creativity is coming back bit by bit but I am not pushing it….I am really intricately planning designs rather than churning out loads in my usual frenzies! he he
This is today’s creation and I am a lot in love with this necklace, the beads were not cheap but I think they were worth it as I know I will wear this loads this summer
The design is not mine, it was a project from a bead magazine from the Feb issue and I never ever copy projects from mags but I loved the design and the beads so much I didn’t think I could do anything better or different so I went for it! The only difference I made was I shortened the chain as I didn’t want to wrap it round and I replaced the crystals with some bright pearls instead
Other than that Kudos to the designer Deborah Stuart!

Thanks for looking
Aims x


ms Givens said...

Would make a cute anklet too.

Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

Lovely Aims - The colours of the beads are gorgeous - great summer make - Michelle

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Gorgeous And lovely beads.....
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