Friday, 24 July 2009

Carnival of colour and some resin fun!

Hello everyone,

I havn't posted any makes in a while but I promise I have been crafting, just working on things that take a little longer than he usual stuff which is unusual for me as you all know I am quite impatient! he he

Ok the first picture is a brand new design called 'Carnival of colour' this has taken me a little while to make as I made all of the beads (except the little glass ones) myself from scratch so it was moulding, baking, sanding, buffing and now drilling the holes to make them bigger (that was sooooooo much fun). I have to say the finish on the beads is much better than just taking them out of the oven and using them, its the first time I have properly sanded my fimo and I like it....I also like the power tool I used to sand and buffer it with, such a bargin! Anyways back on track, it is knotted on coloured cord and that is pretty much it! Going to put it on my site tonight :)

The second make is a first for me (if that makes sense he he) as it is my first resin make! It is a simple pink bangle which is made of resin which has been coloured with the most beautiful pearlescent pink pigment, the photo doesnt do it justice as it is sooo shimmery. I like resin, takes an age to cabachons are still drying (humph) but I like it and am planning loads of ideas with it as we speak :) This is also going on my site tonight as I really need to upload some new stock.

Thanks for looking

Aims x

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pinkpuppy said...

They are both beautiful the bangle is a stunning colour, well done!