Thursday, 11 June 2009

Hello everyone, I am back and in business!!!!

Wow it has been over a month since I last posted! Crazy hectic times are hopefully over now so I can get back to some serious crafting :) I have moved house since my last post so crafting has not been at the top of my agenda for some time sadly but now we are settled in I am back at my desk and working away on some new ideas. I havn't totally forgotten about making jewellery over the past month, in fact far from it! I have been designing a lot and I have so many new and cool ideas I would love to try out :)

Other good news is that I have been given money from the Prince's Trust so Jewellery Gems is well and truly in business now! I am so happy about this so I have also been spending a lot of time sorting out tax and bank accounts...all the fun stuff but also designing some new business cards and thinking of new ways to promote the business.

I am officially starting to teach jewellery making as soon as I get my venue booked so if you are interested in a class and you are in or around the Hartlepool/Durham area then get in touch! In other good news I have a school fair on the 11th July at Throston Primary in Hartlepool and a craft fair on the 29th August in Durham Town Hall so if you are around pop in and say'll be able to spot me as I will be in the 'I love Jewellery Gems' T shirt!

Okey dokey now onto the pretty are a few makes I have finished recently....

Thanks for looking :)

Aims x


Bridgette said...

Hello Aims - it really has been quiet all round really - what with Sally's move too - I'm glad to hear that you have settled into your new home and that your jewellery business has had a little capital injection - fantastic - your designs are lovely - good luck with your stall - my friend Lou and I have an SU one on 20 June - just interested to see how it will be received really - take care - Bridgette xxx

Judy said...

You have some beautifol things made. I was reading on the CraftsBeautiful forum about your new lap top cover , and I had to come over to your blog and look at it . It is pretty . Good job. Judy A Ivey , from Tishomingo , Mississippi in the United States my blog's address is