Sunday, 1 March 2009

Photo calendar update...


As some of you may remember I started making a calendar a while ago...well I have finally got round to putting some pages into it smile

Yeay! I have only done 5 so far but I love them and just need to find some more really good pictures for the other months!

First up we have December which is me and Ollie at Disneyland at Christmas 2007 smile

Next up we have June which is a picture of me and my parents at my graduation in 2007!

Next is November which is Ollie and my gorgeous nephew Charlie at Disneyland 2007

Next up is April which is a picture of my niece Evie and nephew Charlie as it is both of their birthdays in April and this photo was taken on the odd occasion where they are loving each other he he

Finally is February which is special to me as it is a photo of my nanna who recently died and our little Charlie, they adored each other and I think this photo says it all really smile

Thanks for looking, more to come soon...hopefully!

Aims x

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Bridgette said...

Oh Aims - it's lovely and coming on a treat - sometimes projects are just ongoing and take time to find just the right photograph - I love checking out what we little Sparklies are all up to - Bridgette x