Friday, 6 February 2009

My entry for Jewellery Challenge #3

Hello everyone,

Things have been a bit quiet here but that is because I have been up to something which shall be explained soon :)

In the meantime here is my entry for Jewellery Challenge #3 where the theme this fortnight was red or hearts!

The set is simple but I would like to think elegant, it is made from light vitrail swarovski crystal 18mm and 10mm hearts, I just added the smaller hearts to a fine chain for a pair of classy earrings and the larger heart to a simple snake chain necklace.

Thanks for looking :)

Aims x


craft mad Jenny said...

wow - these are so gorgeous. I especially like the hearts dangling from the chains for the earrings,


Bigbunnies said...

Beautiful, Aims, that is one of my favourite Swarovski colours.

Carolyn xx

Rachel said...

Just stunning Aims, lovely beads...what are you up to then?
very intriguing!!!


julietk said...

Lovely shade of crystal heart :) Juliet

tiggertastic said...

these are sooooooo pretty aims, What an elegant and very beautiful make.

Sarah x

Aims said...

Thanks ladies, I love wearing this set as it is so simple but sparkly!

I shall reveal what I have been up to very soon Rachel he he

Aims x