Thursday, 25 September 2008

Plectrum Earrings!


I know these have probably been done my someone else somewhere before but we have a lot of these things lying around our flat and I thought why not make good use of them. I have also found in the past that they are very useful to wear to a gig because if someone looses a plectrum there you go! hehe

Thanks for looking

Aims x


Chick84 said...

Loving these plec earrings! I keep meaning to do some myself but didnt know what I could use to create the hole, how did you do it?
Chick x

Aims said...

I used an interesting creation I have had since my days of decoupage when I was 11 he is a long round lolly stick with a darning needle glued into the end, it is very useful but I guess a darning needle would do!

Aims x